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FOCUS - Power supply is an important part of the availability of the telecommunication system and its proper functioning, in conjunction with other telecommunications services. For this reason our company also offers low voltage installation and equipment. This part of the communication solution is often underestimated by investors which leads to problems occurring due to poor design and unsustainability of the network, power outages, surges and equipment damage, electromagnetic interference in the normal operation of the equipment…
Нисконапонска инсталација
Our services in the field of low voltage (current) installation include:

  • Design: Detailed planning of the required installed power, planning and integration of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS, Aggregate), grounding, surge protection, design of switchboards, drawing of cabling in CAD / Visio with preparation of a quantity survey.
  • Energy agreement: Preparation of documentation and mediation for obtaining energy consent.
  • Sales: We offer products from several reputable manufacturers of equipment and software (cabinets, cables, fuses, switches…)
  • Installation: Installation of ducts, cabinets, cables adhering to the latest standards.
  • Execution documentation: Drawing and marking of the performed installation.