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BENEFITS - The benefits of our solutions are: Efficient and economical solutions according to customer requirements, fast and quality performance, Efficient maintenance. Related services offered by our company: Optical networks.
Wireless communications are a hallmark of our time, whose growth and expansion has been monitored and developed by our professional team for a long time. Extensive experience, knowledge of existing infrastructure, site-related conditions and problems, large database of installed equipment, synchronized 3D and 2D maps, monitoring of standards and experience with different equipment and protocols make our expert team a leader in designing and installing basic and accessible networks.
Безжични решенија
Given the fact that our company has the expertise, certificates, experience and staff to support and perform all phases of construction of a system, starting from site search, legalization, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance with minimal involvement of third-party individuals and companies, you will surely find in us a reliable and responsible partner. We offer competitive prices for a complete solution, while eliminating the problems of transferring responsibility from one contractor to another.
Our services in the field of wireless solutions include:

  • Consulting services: Selection of equipment and technology based on the needs of the user and the development plan.
  • Design: Selection of locations, radio planning, coverage and availability of services on the territory, availability and reliability of the system, as well as design of the required power.
  • Sales: We offer products from several reputable equipment manufacturers.
  • Acquisition and legalization: Finding a favorable location, mediation in a contract and preparation of documentation and projects for obtaining a construction permit.
  • Construction: Design and construction of telecommunication facilities.
  • Installation: Installation of equipment and commissioning.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance team available 24 hours a day.