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Given that the world is facing a new challenge with the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, the declaration of a pandemic and increased measures to protect the population, the situation led us to finding measures and solutions for protection that will contribute to further improvement and compliance with the proposed measures for protection that will be part of our daily lives in the future.

In order to be generally useful to the whole society and to contribute to our partners from Vivotek, we have prepared a solution for "Maintaining social distance with the crowd control systems VIVOTEK".


The solution is intended for any business building or sales space in which it is necessary to apply the measures for social distancing and to control of the number of people indoors. This solution is intended for shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

If your company needs this or a similar solution, please contact us and we will present you with more information on all possible solutions.

Protect yourself, your employees and all your valued customers.

With respect,

Sales – Department

Crowd control system Vivotek

pdf документ

CrowdControl sales v10 essential

pdf документ


Our company has enriched its product range and presents the new brand of blenders and juicers.

anza security

Our company has enriched its product range and presents the new brand of analog cameras AnzaSecurity.


We can offer products from the company Genergy Battery. Genergy Battery is a large corporation with factories around the world. Apart from batteries, the offer also includes LED lighting, solar panels, DC power supplies ...


Our solutions are focused on: Corporate IT Solutions, Data Centers, Telephony, VoIP, Servers and Server farms, Economical Remote Connectivity, Firewall, Antivirus and Internet Protection, Software and GIS Systems, etc... The benefits of our solutions are: Easy and secure communication, data exchange and storage, economic saving of time and money, protection of data from unwanted intrusion, etc..

IT System Integration

Our company is up to date with the world market and monitors and builds new system solutions. You can rely on our expert team to design and execute system communication solutions, according to your current and future needs.

Structural cabling

Our team consists of certified and experienced designers and installers, trained and familiar with equipment from various manufacturers. Depending on your needs, we can help you enjoy the benefits of modern communications.

Power supply

Electricity is an important part of the availability of the telecommunication system and its proper functioning in combination with other telecommunication services, our company also offers low voltage installation and equipment. This part of the communication solution is often underestimated by ...

Optical cables

Our company has expertise, certificates for design and installation, experienced staff for support and construction of a system with optical cables, starting from design, legalization, installation, commissioning and maintenance ...

Wireless solutions

Extensive experience, knowledge of existing infrastructure, large database of installed equipment, synchronized 3D and 2D maps, monitoring standards and experience with different equipment and protocols make our expert team a leader in designing and installing basic and accessible networks.

Video Surveillance

Trinity Systems offers modern video surveillance solutions to its customers. We mainly focus on the implementation of systems based on IP cameras and IP environment. This commitment of our company is based on the obvious advantages that modern IP technology offers over analog systems ...

IP Telephony (IP PBX)

Our IP PBX solutions are integrated communication systems with advanced functionalities for Audio, Fax, Video and Data, integration with PSTN, ISDN, GSM, SIP, VPN, Internet, and are sized for small and medium enterprises. The solutions we offer are scalable and provide an opportunity for future additions.


Modern system solutions in this area offer a significant improvement in the organizational power and protection of data and goods of the company on one hand (CCTV, alarm systems, fire stations, access records and working hours) and ...


Technology for better signal transmission and greater coverage with a stable connection ...

Fiber optic self-supporting cables with 12 fibers 50/125 microns multi-mode.

MikroTik is a Latvian company founded in 1995 to develop routers and wireless ISP systems.

Vivotek is a world-renowned brand in the field of video surveillance.

TELEGARTNER Largest manufacturer of coaxial connectors

Analog cameras.

Founded at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, DCN has been producing networking equipment for the past 10 years.

UPS, Batteries, Switchboards ...

Full Corp Data & Tele Communication Accessories

Batteries, LED lights, UPS, DC power supplies.

Telecommunication Network Cabinets

PVC Cable ducts

IP Telephony, Video Surveillance Systems

Industrial converters

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