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FXO Cateway

FXO and FXS gateway, are portals for analog phones, ie analog PSTN lines. The first, FXO gateway, terminate analog phones on the Ethernet network, ie enable analog phones to connect to a SIP line. The latter, FXS gateway, terminate the PSTN line (incoming line from Telecom operator) on Ethernet, ie enable the formation of an interconnection (Trank) of the IP central with an analog line. These devices connect to the central unit via an Ethernet network, which allows flexibility so that they don't have to be in close proximity to the central unit itself. If such a device is placed in a remote location, it is connected to the IP PBX central unit through the Ethernet / Internet network, so that the remote office can talk both locally and have access through the central location (FXO gateway).

FXO Gateway
FXO Gateway

This is not related to where the two locations are located, the same city, the same country, different countries. In case they are in different countries, setting up an FXS gateway in a remote location would mean making calls to any phone in that country without paying for international bills, which for some business environments would mean significant savings. Our company offers this type of products from the company Grandstream. Its product range includes FXO and FXS devices with a different number of ports (2, 4, 8, 16), as well as devices with mixed FXO and FXS ports. For your specific need, contact our expert team.