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Modern system solutions in this area offer a significant improvement in the organizational power and protection of data and goods of the company on one hand (video surveillance, alarm systems, fire stations, access and working time records) and energy saving on the other hand (automation of air conditioning and ventilation, lighting, heating). Some of these systems are also obligatory according to the current laws of the Republic of Macedonia. Building all of these subsystems independently and without integration into a complete system cost more and loses out on the functionalities and conveniences that the company can enjoy.
Our services in the field of automation and video surveillance include:

  • Design: Detailed planning of the whole system or sub-system with a clear vision for further integration, in accordance with the applicable laws in R. Macedonia and according to the functionality required by the user and drawing and accurate positioning of sensors and cameras in CAD / Visio by making a sheet of quantities.
  • Sales: We offer products from several reputable manufacturers of equipment and software (cameras, alarm devices, fire alarms, card readers, temperature sensors, lighting sensors, dimmers, control switches…)
  • Installation: Cabling and integration of devices into a system or subsystem.
  • Execution documentation: Drawing and marking of the performed installation.
  • Training: Staff training on how to use the system properly.
  • Maintenance: System maintenance.