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BENEFITS - The benefits of our solutions are: Efficient and economical solution according to customer requirements, fast and quality performance, Efficient maintenance. The rapid and uncompromising development of modern telecommunication systems and the development of services and applications causes the need for increasing data transmission capacity both through the basic network infrastructure as well as the access points. Due to this, the fiber optic infrastructure is rapidly replacing the existing one with copper cables, starting from the basic network, and lately to the local access points and to the "small" domestic consumers (FTTH).
Our company has expertise, design and installation certificates, and experienced staff for support and construction of a system with optical cables. Starting from design, legalization, installation, commissioning and maintenance, in accordance with the procedures and standards of the Republic of Macedonia. In addition to the construction of new systems, our company is able to prepare projects and perform expansions of the capacities of existing optical infrastructure, as well as supervision and alerting when changing
the defined acceptable parameters. Which is extremely important for owners of infrastructure with small capacity or it requires strict conditions for availability.
Our services in the field of fiber optic infrastructure cabling include:

  • Consulting services: Selection of equipment and technology based on the needs of the user and the development plan.
  • Design: Selecting a route and drawing a map in electronic format, planning the attenuation and making a survey of quantities.
  • Sales: We offer products from several reputable equipment manufacturers.
  • Acquisition and legalization: Mediation under a contract with property owners through which the route should pass, and preparation of documentation and projects for obtaining a construction permit.
  • Installation: Installation of equipment and optical infrastructure and commissioning.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance team available 24 hours a day.